Outside the Empire

Empire City isn’t the only place where heroes and villains are found but travel can be… complicated.

In the mid 1980’s. Doc Jupiter left the Earth for his fortress on the Moon and never returned in any official capacity. Months after his departure, it was announced that 100,000 people from across the world would be offered a chance to join him at his fortress, which was transformed into the first Lunar Colony; Olympus.

Today, Olympus stretches across a quarter of the daylight lunar surface and it has virtually no interaction with Earth.

Eternal Twilight
The realm of the Fae and Daemonkin. To some, this realm is Heaven, for others, it’s Hell but for many, it’s the realm of Magic Unbound. For centuries, Eternal Twilight was only accessible through blood sacrifice and ritual but when Nikolai Telsa and lab assistant Darwin Jupiter first powered on the Ambient Energy Tower in 1895, the barrier between our world and Eternal Twilight softened.

Under Earth
There are countless alternate realities but the one most often encountered is man-made; Under Earth. After Doc Jupiter left Earth in 1986, an aging Professor Curious attempted to clone Doc on behest of The Champs. A perfect clone was created and “Doc Jupiter” returned to active duty. Though the clone retained all of Doc’s memories and abilities, he was physically untried and a terrible accident occurred resulting in the deaths of 1500 civilians. Renamed Dark Jupiter by the media, he went on the run and was engaged by The Champions of Liberty. During the fight, new team member, Time Viking, engaged Dark Jupiter with his ChronoAxe. The conflicting energies created a cascade effect that resulted in a duplicate Earth that exists outside normal space time. The backlash from the cascade effect demolished most of the duplicate Empire City and killed their version of The Champs. After discovering a way back to their own reality, the Champs retreated but Dark Jupiter remained behind to lead a world, surrounded by a sky without stars, back into the light. It’s a world created by man and alone in a fabricated universe. In the darkness, Under Earth strives to find meaning.

It turns out there ARE little green men from Mars. And they hate us. After the Ambient Energy Tower accident in 1895 that destroyed Tesla’s lab and created Doc Jupiter, the barriers between the shifting realms softened. Gods, Daemonkin, and Fae, long thought dead, made their way to our universe. One such was Mars, God of War. In a weakened state, he sought refuge on his celestial body, the planet Mars. After long centuries of absence, his abandoned underlings formed their own society. Mars regained his strength, regained his throne and attempted to seat himself as Earth’s God of War. Allying himself with the Axis powers in the eastern hemisphere, Mars attempted an invasion bringing about the formation of the Champions of Liberty. He has attempted several times since to gain a foothold on Earth but hasn’t been heard from since 1986.

Divided Kingdoms of Lathlenora
Throughout Empire City, an epic battle rages unseen by the general population. Long before the city was founded, forest covered the area and long held kingdoms of Nayads and Dryads lived in peace. When the first European settlement was established, cutting through the forest and shrinking their homeland, the Divided Kingdoms of Lathlenora began warring over the remaining wilderness. Now, they have been forced to adapt to the urban environment yet still vie for territory. Most of these battle go unnoticed as the warring factions are only 3 inches tall. Riding squirrels, birds, rats and using weaponry barely out of the iron age, the Divided Kingdoms of Lathlenora wage an unseen war with no end in sight.

Deep Space
Humanity abandoned space travel in the 1965 after the Gemini 5 disaster and near-obliteration from Acacia 4. If not for the intervention of the Space Monkeys, humanity might have been exterminated.

Even with the ban on space travel in effect, a few humans have made their way to the stars, most notably, Gus Hammersmith who drives a hack for GalactiCab and Astroguard, humanity’s first line of defense again alien attack. She patrols the spaceways with the last of the cosmic elders attached to her chest.

Outside the Empire

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